About the artist

Golzar Arvin is an alumni from the University of California, Santa Cruz- where she received her Bachelor's Degree in Art. She currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area and is applying her creative eye in the Entertainment Industry for TV/Film

Golzar's interests on set include the art department and makeup artistry.

Whether its through the lens of her camera or the tip of her brush, Golzar's vision in art has always gravitated toward the human experience- with an emphasis on the human figure. Her videos aim to show the great strengths and fragilities of the human body/experience, mostly through the forms of music and dance. She sees abstract portraiture as the  beauty of physically seeing a person, but realizing that there is more to be known than what is visually revealed. Conversely, her portrait illustrations are created in great detail- emphasizing even the miniscule beauties of the human face.